Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holly Berries

Hello everyone,

Well, I couldn't resist today's 365 Cards challenge. It just begged for those clean and simple (CAS) cards that I love but am just terrible at making. Well, I think I got the hang of it today.

I used my staple card base from Halcraft. I chose my favourite Christmas image - holly. I used a lovely Magenta image stamped in Stampin' Up Garden Green. On my first effort I Stickled the berries in burgundy but didn't feel they popped enough so I went into my glitter drawer and found some Martha Stewart garnet that worked perfectly! The sentiment, also in Garden Green, is Wordsworth by Rubber Soul.

I love clean and simple cards but whenever I make one, just feel like it's lacking (ha!) but I really like this one. Maybe it is just the right scale and balance but I think this card really works. Not only that but it was super quick too!

I hope you enjoy this card and come back to SPI again soon.



  1. Excellent CAS card Gisele!! I love the image you picked...perfect-o!!!

    Thanks for playing Gisele!!!

  2. I love plain cards too - very hard to pull off. But I think you done a great job!